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News for 2010

SegoQuilt events in 2010

  • November 24 : The bronze casting workshop took place as planned. Five participants discovered this technique, and were able to cast really nice pieces. Some pictures are visible on the Bronze Casting Workshop page.
  • October 20 : "Partage avec l’Afrique" and "SegoQuilt" are preparing a bronze casting workshop, lead by Adama GANDEMA from Burkina Faso, that will take place at La Havardière on November 15-19. The number of participants is limited to 12 and the cost will be 250 € per participant. For more information, please contact Mr Bernard Glacial at +33 2 41 57 45 66.
  • September 20 : "Peoples of the World" is now hanging in the Church in Angers, and it has been seen by more than 900 visitors during the European Heritage Days. And during the same weekend, this site has passed the 1000 visit mark ! Thanks to all for your interest.
Vue de "Peuples du monde" depuis l'entrée du temple {JPEG} "Peuples du monde" en place dans le temple d'Angers {JPEG} La lumière filtre à travers "Peuples du monde" {JPEG}
  • September 14 : The first two panels of "Peoples of the World" are finished ! During a nice afternoon, we hung them on the house to take pictures. They will be installed this week in the Protestant Church in Angers, where they will be presented during the European Heritage Days (September 18/19).
Jusqu'aux extrémités de la terre {JPEG} Accrochage à la Havardière pour faire des photographies {JPEG} La paix dans la diversité {JPEG}

— * July 23 : Since the site announcement by email, it has received more that 300 visits. 20 visitors left a message in the Guestbook, and 30 sent an email response. Thanks to all of you for your interest and support.

  • July 21 : A big thunderstorm, that triggered all the breakers at La Havardière, also destroyed an electronic component in the quilting machine, that had been left plugged in (by mistake !). With the efficient help of our Gammill friends (Thanks, Joe and Lis !) the spare parts and the installation instructions were received in a week, and the machine is working fine again. What a relief !
  • July 19 : The successful rehearsal of the hanging of a quilt took place in the old Saint Eloi church in Angers, that is a presbyterian church since 1850. Thanks a lot for your help, Etienne, David, and Frederic.
Essai d'accrochage au temple d'Angers {JPEG}
  • July 15 : An updated version of the book presenting Ségolène’s work is published and can be ordered on the Blurb site.
  • June 30 : The kids and young persons who attend the Wednesday sewing workshop left for the summer vacation with their finished works :
Groupe de couture (enfants) {JPEG} Groupe de couture (jeune) {JPEG}