français : Stage de bronze

Bronze Casting Workshop

A bronze casting workshop, led by Adama GANDEMA, who came from Burkina Faso, took place at la Havardière from November 15 to 19. The five participants were delighted.
Here are some pictures taken during the week.

Castings brought by Adama {JPEG} The participants are ready to work! {JPEG} Some of the parts used for the castings {JPEG}
Some wax objects {JPEG} First layer of "banco" for the molds {JPEG} Second layer of clay and finishing of the molds {JPEG}
The molds are heated to melt the wax {JPEG} Melting of the bronze in the crucible {JPEG} The participants are waiting for the casting {JPEG}
Extraction of the crucible from the oven {JPEG} Pouring of the bronze in the molds {JPEG} The bronze is slowly cooling down {JPEG}
Removal of the mold {JPEG} Polishing and finishing {JPEG} Bronze castings made during the workshop {JPEG}